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Doughnut Plant, NYC

TV shows repeatedly showcase Doughnut Plant. I added the shop to my list of must-visit NYC eateries years ago in part due to the publicity; mostly due to its array of high quality ingredients and its flavor combos. Few in my inner circle would dare try foods infused with matcha green tea or lavender. Most balk when I profess my love of coconut or blueberries, especially in baked goods. Discovering these varieties and more at Doughnut Plant proved a bit overwhelming. Filled with house-made jam or not? Cake or yeast?  Add on fresh ice cream or flavored milk or juice meticulously processed by Doughnut Plant staff instead of some faraway vendor?


I ignored a Valrhona Chocolate doughnut tempting me from the display case. It looked too sinful. These pastries, after all, would pass as my breakfast instead of dessert.

The Coconut Lime cake and the Lavender Flower yeast varieties played like lullabies across my taste buds. Each exhibited subtle ingredient notes. The Fresh Blueberry yeast and Matcha Green Tea cake varieties popped on my palate.

Doughnut Plant's yeast offerings exhibit a chewiness and a density similar to ciabatta bread. I saved the lighter cake varieties for the next morning. They remained fresh without refrigeration.

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