Blue Ribbon Chicken, NYC

Fueled by a mere handful of pistachios for breakfast, I needed nourishment. I'd been craving chicken for a few days and scoured reviews for joints offering fried goodness reminiscent of that served Down South. Every establishment's good commentary had an evil twin. By mid-afternoon I discovered Blue Ribbon Chicken. The eatery won by default. Brothers Bruce and Eric Bromberg run it and other themed spots around the city. Although I've visited none of the others, I figured they'd more than likely deliver an appetizing meal.

I decided to go a la carte and chose a Mighty Wing, instead of a regular one, and onion rings. While I waited, I asked a manager if they made the ice cream. He affirmed that they did and asked what flavor I thought looked interesting. I also noticed another manager visiting guests' tables. One employee's sole job consisted of cleaning the dining room. Kudos for staff attentiveness!

Almost embarrassingly so, I dove in seconds after my order arrived. The wing lacked that buttermilk dipped, heavily-floured coating I expected based on meals of fried chicken past. Between their signature spice mix and frying techniques, the owners did manage to create a crispy, light and flavorful crust. I ate every bit of skin I could pry off the bone.

Fried Chicken

As I did so, I thought of how the preparation seemed simultaneously simple and elevated. The rings had the sort of crust I expected the chicken to have. They reminded me of those served in most Savannah seafood restaurants.

I dipped portions of my Mighty Wing and onion rings in the honey mustard and bbq sauces although the chicken and rings tasted fine on their own. Freshly prepared, both condiments had a thin consistency but packed a surprisingly flavorful punch.

Blue Ribbon Sauces

Dessert, complimentary banana salted caramel ice cream, topped off the meal. I'm not a huge banana fan but wanted to try it because I enjoy homemade caramel. As I scraped up every bit possible, I conjured up memories of every scoop I'd ever encountered. I must say this dessert edged out my previous favorite, High Road Craft Ice Cream's carrot variety.

Banana Ice Cream

I realized after reviewing Blue Ribbon's website that the manager who delivered the treat was one of the owners. With food, service, and an atmosphere that are all on point Blue Ribbon Chicken is bound to become a favorite.