Downtown South Beach
My first solo vacation sent my mother into ultra there’s-a-lot-of-crime-going-on mode. I repeated what I usually did: there’s crime everywhere. I wasn’t going to let what might happen keep me at home.

Use keyword "Miami" to see reviews of places I visited. Research led me to concentrate on South Beach. I planned meticulously. I scoured reviews for a hotel that suited my needs, eateries that would satisfy my picky appetite, and transportation options that would allow me to venture outside of the area without renting a car. South Beach’s walkability and focus on healthy living drew me to it.

I never admitted to my mother that I had a bit of anxiety concerning traveling alone. Doing so was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I connected with myself and the destinations I visited. Now isn’t that the point?
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Dream South Beach

Lincoln Road Mall

El Titan de Bronze Cigar MFG.

Comfort Suites (Jacksonville)


Taste Bakery Cafe

La Sandwicherie

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