New York

New York, New York: a magnetic city pulsating with vibrancy, fueled largely by its diverse population and its world-renowned tourist attractions. The five boroughs collectively contribute to NYC's contagious energy while retaining individual cultural charm. Truly exploring NYC requires visiting for an extended period or at least over multiple trips. Every time I go, I stay a little longer. Every time I leave, something beckons me back.

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3B Bed and Breakfast, Brooklyn 

Washington Square Park, Manhattan

NYC Holiday Markets

Nuchas Empanadas, Manhattan

Old Saint Peter's Cathedral, Manhattan

Times Square

Mocha Bagels, Brooklyn

Doughnut Plant, Manhattan

Gelato Ti Amo, Manhattan

One Cup Two Cupcakes, Manhattan

Nuchas Empanadas, Manhattan

Bowery Burger, NYC

New Park Pizza, Queens

Mccarren Park Greenmarket, Brooklyn

Grand Appetito

Sigmund's Pretzels

Waffle & Wolf

Blue Ribbon Chicken

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