Miles for Military

Served our country or want to support someone who did? Quicken Loans' Miles for Military grants free airfare for those chosen at the end of an easy application process.
Visit: http://www.quickenloans.com/homefront/?qls=$qls

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Waffle & Wolf, Brooklyn

WaffleWhat a wonderful way to enjoy a waffle! Baked in bacon bits, creamy avocado yogurt, and cheddar sprinkled atop tomatoes and cool arugula. Yum. Besides the #12 and other savory options, this tiny eatery whips up sweet creations and fresh squeezed juice combinations.
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Veteran's Day

SeeSaveSavor.com salutes our armed forces, past and present. Please pass on these Veteran’s Day deals (some start before or run past the holiday):

Krispy Kreme

  • Krispy Kreme: free doughnut and small coffee
  • Starbucks: free brewed coffee or tea
  • Ruby Tuesday: free appetizer
  • Carrabba’s: free appetizer 
  • California Pizza Kitchen: free entrée
  • Texas Roadhouse: free entrée and soft drink/tea
  • Denny's: free Grand Slam
  • LongHorn Steakhouse: free Texas Tonion and soft drink
  • Red Lobster: free appetizer
  • Steak 'n Shake: free Breakfast Skillet and coffee
The restaurants below offered deals last year and might offer similar perks again:
  • Applebee’s: free Signature entrée 
  • Pappadeaux: free appetizer with entrée purchase 
  • Einstein Bros Bagels: free bagel and shmear 
  • Outback Steakhouse: free Bloomin' Onion and soft drink 
  • Boston Market: free whole chicken with family meal purchase


Times Square, NYC

Need proof you're not in Kansas anymore? Stop by Times Square. A quintessential landmark bustling with activity, there's surely something in walking distance to satisfy everyone in your party's adventurous spirit.

Minnie Mouse

Disney Characters

Times Square Batman

Times Square character

The abundance of architecture and advertising are enough to captivate. I gravitate toward people and character watching over all else. Don't linger too long though. Shops in Times Square, aka Tourist Central, tend to charge a bit more. Venture into other boroughs or other areas of Manhattan to discover their offerings.


Salmon Sliders

All things purple catch my eye. So did a gigantic $2.00 bunch of carrots at the Mccarren Park Greenmarket. I bought them to add to Shrimp Fried Rice, but before making that dish I ate some as garnish on a salmon slider. The taste of raw, purple carrots reminds me of red cabbage.

Salmon Slider

I added bits of the leafy tops as a lettuce substitute. These sliders are cool and filling enough without feeling heavy. They provide a quick and easy no-cook dish, perfect after a day of running errands.

For this recipe the quantities are up to you. I used only Trader Joe's products, except for the veggies. Smoked salmon and pane italiano, cut into four squares. Any Italian bread bursting with olive oil will do. Dress it with tartar sauce. Enjoy!


Free iTunes Festival Videos

Technically the show does go on. Let iTunes transport you to London for  full-length concert videos from Lenny Kravitz, Ed Sheeran, Mary J. Blidge and more.

This offer does not require that you own an Apple product. Sign up for a free account to view shows:



Grand Appetito, Little Italy NYC

The Feast of San Gennaro ends tomorrow. Don't fret though, Little Italy's plethora of gastronomical goodness will still be available. After navigating the crowds and assortment of vendors, I found a near perfect cheesesteak on the festival's route. 

Grand Appetito, an unassuming pizza joint on Grand Street, also sells sandwiches. I opted for onions and provolone only so I could truly compare the cheesesteak to its competition. Peering past the glass partition at the grill, I realized that a combination of cooking technique and quality beef would result in a product that rivaled any of sold at the smoky, crowded street booths.


In addition to an excellent entree, I received engaging service from Alex and his crew and a momentary escape from the rowdiness and blazing sun outside. 


McDonald's Coffee Giveaway

McDonald'sRonald McDonald, I don't eat your food but thanks for the free coffee. Valid during breakfast hours until Sept. 29th at participating locations. Small size only:



Slope's Barbeque, Atlanta

I needed to pig out. It was nearly 6:00 and I'd skipped lunch. My first choice, a pizza place had closed permanently. Seeing that sign on the door made my stomach grumble even more. Then, I remembered Slope's wasn't too far away plus I had a Scoutmob deal.

This joint is unassuming and welcoming. White and red checked plastic clothes drape each table. Autographed photos of celebrities cover paneling near the drink station, but the staff treats even everyday folks like stars.

Atlanta Barbeque

Hush puppies listed as a special piqued my curiosity because the establishment doesn't sell seafood. A girl at the counter, the owner's daughter I assume, answered my questions like a pro. I ordered an assortment of items: ribs, green lima beans, mac and cheese, coleslaw, and those hush puppies. The baked macaroni and cheese was unimpressive: short on cheese and less flavorful than what most home cooks could conjure up.

Luckily Slope's claim to fame lies in barbeque, which is what they do best. Slightly sweet sauce covered my ribs but, frankly, I think the abundance of sauce masked some of their inherent flavor. Clearly, talented cooks handle the smoker and the meat in it with care. The beans and puppies deserve honorable mentions, as does the coleslaw.

I heard the staff talking to other customers who entered as I ate. What impressed me as much as the bbq was the level of interaction and familiarity the staff had with patrons. I suspect that most customers return as much for the genuine customer service as for the food.


Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart Sale
Contrary to popular belief, Walmart doesn't always have the best prices. Recently though, they introduced a tool that puts savings savvy customers at ease.

Savings Catcher tracks items purchased at Walmart and will credit the price difference in the form of a gift card. No more worrying about another major retailer offering a better deal the day after you buy an item.

Simple to use online or through the app, Savings Catcher will save you time and money. Visit the site for details: https://savingscatcher.walmart.com/


McCarren Park Greenmarket, Brooklyn

I'm having coupon withdrawal. Most of the stores I encounter in NYC are actually tiny markets, not the mega grocery stores abundant in Atlanta. The larger grocers sell items for much more, it seems, than the smaller businesses. These inflated prices cancel out the benefit of using a discount. Trader Joe's has become my stumping ground. Even so, its produce isn't always the freshest. Thank goodness for NYC's network of Greenmarkets.

Farmers Market

The McCarren Park location sells fruits and vegetables that make grocery store selections look like ugly ducklings. And, as expected, this farmer's market boasts a wider variety of produce, which usually costs less. Booths also offer honey and related products, maple syrup, cheese, ice cream and milk, herb seedlings, eggs and meat.

I bought purple carrots, cucumbers, potatoes and chocolate milk for $5.50. But I skipped green beans and a basil plant, buying both at Trader Joe's for a savings of over 50%. I snacked on the carrots then shredded them to garnish Salmon Sliders (even using the leaves) and I added some to Shrimp Fried Rice. I boiled the potatoes too long but still paired them with Coconut Curry. Despite the soft texture caused by overcooking, they possessed a buttery appearance and depth of flavor.


A word of warning if even the smallest dog ignites fear in you. Many visitors stroll over from the dog park section with their pets in tow. Though tinier than Union Square's market, McCarren offers plenty of choice without the massive Manhattan crowds.


Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card Offer

Bed Bath and Beyond
If you're a Bed Bath and Beyond groupie, take advantage of this stock up deal. Buy $40 worth of select Proctor and Gamble products (details in store) and score a $10 BBB gift card. Remember that this retailer's coupons never expire, so be sure to sign up for the mailing list. This offer though, ends 8/31.




If a trip to New York is in your near future, use this discount code for $30 off on a Uber ride. The car service claims it's now cheaper than a taxi: NYCUBERX.


Citrus Marinade

Try this quick marinade on chicken or pork before it hits the grill. Because the orange juice provides sugar and acidity, it does double duty. Amounts listed cover approximately 1/2 pound of meat.

Easy Marinade

You'll need approximately:
  • 3 pinches of red pepper flakes
  • .5 cup of orange juice
  • about 2 pinches of black pepper
  • 3 basil leaves
  • .25 cup of vegetable oil
Put the pepper and the pepper flakes in an airtight container then pour juice over them. Tear apart basil by hand then toss them into the container. Whisk ingredients before adding meat. Refrigerate up to 24 hours.


Netflix Trial


Netflix has revolutionized the way I watch TV. At less than $10 a month, it's a true bargain. Try the one month trial and see for yourself: https://www.netflix.com/getStarted?locale=en-US



Boozy Brownies

Still on a quest to use what I have on hand, I adapted this from Allrecipes.com. It's a spin on traditional brownies. I replaced 1/3 cup of all-purpose flour with Arrowhead Mills Organic Rye, swapped the vanilla with organic maple syrup, the walnuts with almonds, and added 1.5 tbsp of cream liqueur. 

  See http://allrecipes.com/recipe/brown-sugar-brownies for details.


Bowery Burger, NYC

A 100% grass-fed cheeseburger on a brioche bun for only $5 bucks in NYC? I checked the Bowery Burger menu board twice to make sure I hadn't hallucinated. Located in the Bowery Whole Foods, it also serves turkey burgers and hot dogs plus gluten-free and vegetarian options. I bypassed the $2 hand-cut fries (choose from sweet potato or regular) but spied them on another customer's plate. The portion appeared generous.


I'm a fan of burgers with discernible searing and top-notch buns. The bottom of mine was wimpy and not sturdy enough to support the toppings I chose. Despite that, it tasted delectable. In addition to the price, the array of toppings available besides standard lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles also made my burger a great deal. I'm talking garlic aioli, chili, whole slices of grilled onions, and premium cheese choices.

They say you should never buy groceries on an empty stomach. I agree, and grabbing a Bowery Burger should be at the top of your shopping list.


L'Oreal Paris Advanced Sample

Options are available for various hair care needs:



TeaMonger Sample

I'd never heard of this brand until coming across the sample offer. I hope it's good! https://www.teamonger.com/samples/

tea samples


Suave Professionals Natural Infusions Sample

Get one for yourself and give one to a friend. Suave's new line promises to pamper hair:



Old Saint Peter's Cathedral, NYC

While rushing to an appointment, this cool cross caused me to slow down. One day I'll take a peek inside. Happy Easter.


Nuchas Hand-Held Foods, New York


Whether savory or sweet, empanadas are perfectly portable treats. Nuchas' short rib variety rings of rosemary and braised beef. Coconut, mushrooms, eggplant and zucchini unify to make you forget the Shiitake Curry is vegan. The Argentine transports diners to South America in one bite. Potatoes, onions ground beef and other ingredients encased in firm yet tender dough do not disappoint. From composition to flavor complexity, it's evident that Nuchas' empanadas originate from traditional techniques enriched by artisanal whimsy.


One Cup Two Cupcakes, Manhattan


Presentation isn't everything, but it certainly grabs my tastebuds' attention. These cupcakes reminded me of the irregular items at certain discount stores where sometimes you find a bargain, sometimes you don't.

chocolate Cupcake

Unbalanced and average, the Vanilla Bean with Chocolate Buttercream was slightly overcooked and topped with sugary frosting.


The Erik Milk Coconut variety clearly outshone it. Coconut buttercream, working in unison with a moist yellow cupcake, created a memorable treat. One Cup Two Cupcakes lacks the pizzazz of other shops I've ventured into. You'll find no extravagant ingredients there. Then again, its prices run proportionate to size and content.


Free iTunes South by Southwest Concert Videos

I don't own a single Apple product, but I use the iTunes store for free music and book downloads. Let iTunes transport you to one of the year's most hyped music festivals.

Sign up for a free account:



Free Iced Coffee

Dunkin Donuts PERKS
The latest Dunkin' Donuts flyer includes a coupon celebrating the first day of spring with a free iced coffee. Don't have a copy?

Sign up DD Perks and get a free drink now plus one during your birthday month:



Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut

Krispy Kreme Doughnut
Lamenting losing an hour of sleep? Krispy Kreme will treat you to one free treat.

Visit www.KrispyKreme.com to find the nearest location.


Burberry Brit Rhythm Fragrance Sample

The one Burberry item I can afford is a free sample. Copy the link for yours:



Bacon Cheddar Cornbread

My sis begrudgingly took a square of this cornbread home. I begged her to because I wanted it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When she emailed me later requesting more, I couldn't resist the opportunity to gloat.

I followed the instructions on a Publix cornmeal package. Adapt your favorite brand by adding the following:


  • 6 bacon slices
  • .25 cup mild cheddar
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 2 tbsp finely diced shallots
  • .25 tbsp dried oregano
  • Cook the bacon to a crisp. Set aside to drain but reserve enough grease to lightly coat the frying pan. Saute the garlic and shallots until they soften. Meanwhile, crumble the bacon. Before adding wet ingredients, stir the oregano into the cornmeal. Repeat with the cheese. Add the wet ingredients and mix until the batter is almost completely moistened. Gently stir in the bacon. Cook according to package instructions.


    Starbucks Rewards

    Stuck on Starbucks? New rewards members get free coffee with enrollment completed by 2/7. Afterwards, each transaction earns a star toward free food or drink.

    Visit http://www.starbucks.com/card/rewards for details.


    Free Organic Product Coupons

    Coupon Site
    Mambo Sprouts' monthly newsletter contains interesting product info and printable manufacturer's discounts combinable with store coupons offered by Whole Foods and other retailers. Visit www.MamboSprouts.com to subscribe.


    Free Soup at la Madeleine French Cafe

    National Soup MonthIt's National Soup Month. Need a free cup of soup to chase chilly weather away? Visit the restaurant's website and join the eclub: http://lamadeleine.com/.


    Free Walmart Lens Cloth and Cleaner

    Offer valid while supplies last. Visit the Vision Center with printed coupon:


    Eucerin Skincare Sample

    Eucerin bottle
    I took the pledge. You can too. Pledge to nurture your skin and get the free Eucerin sample that's right for you. Copy the link: http://www.eucerinus.com/skin-solution-center/


    Doc Chey's Noodle House, Atlanta

    Doc Chey's mainly serves stir fry dishes. It's the hangout of choice for my nephews whenever they sleep over if I'm not in the mood to cook. Entrees come in a variety of combinations based on starch and protein preferences.
    Doc Cheys

    My current fave, Thai Coconut Red Curry, features peanuts, eggplant and mild curry sauce. I sometimes delve into the vegetarian version sans tofu but often choose the succulent shrimp.
    Doc Cheys Curry

    The Thai Iced Coffee is a creamy, chocolatey concoction that I crave. One of this restaurant's best offerings is its commitment to community in the form of charitable events. Doc Chey's also gives back to customers who sign up for Karma Cards to rack up rewards.
    Iced Coffee


    $10 iTunes Code with Magazine Purchase

    Receive an iTunes code with each magazine subscription purchase (priced up to 79% off). Choose from eight titles including "Real Simple," "Health," and "Cooking Light."

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    Free movies from Roku and M-GO

    M-GO is offering two complimentary movies to Roku owners who set up an account. No installation required. Simply click the Roku homepage
    "movies" tab.