How to Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets!

Before attending my first Broadway play, I believed affordable tickets meant sitting miles away from the action. Follow these tips to see spectacular shows without spending a fortune.

Wicked, Rear Orchestra
1. Enter lotteries. Most shows offer these daily and place winners in awesome seats. I'm talking close enough to spy on the conductor! Tickets average around $35 with a maximum of two entries per show. Get $10 off your first show on TodayTix when you enter my code DLZUK at checkout. http://todaytix.com/refer/DLZUK

Book of Mormon, Front Row Center
2. Buy rush tickets. These go on sale when the box office opens. Some theaters cater strictly to students or young adults while others offer general admission. Like lottery holders, rush buyers often score orchestra or front mezzanine seats.
Fun Home, Stage Side
3. Check out seating charts. All venues post layouts online so it's easy to compare options. Even nosebleed seats in some theaters, especially smaller ones, offer excellent views. Mezzanine options generally cost at least $20 more than lottery or rush.

Curious Incident, Rear Mezzanine
4. Join loyalty programs. Modern theater thrill seekers have often overlooked money saving options. Besides selling tickets online, plenty of sites and apps offer friend referral credits. And, some sites give customers points for rating shows or checking in to performances that they can redeem for rewards.

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