"Amazonia" Book Review

Science fiction and fantasy are book genres I haven’t delved in. Surprising since I religiously tuned into TV shows revolving around other worldly plot lines. I happened upon a paperback copy of Amazonia in a recycling bin. It appeared in mint condition, almost unread. The cover, green and gold with cutouts showing menacing figures, grabbed my attention.

Amazonia Book Cover
James Rollins’ story lagged initially. I attribute the disconnect in part to trying to reconcile multiple character viewpoints and settings. Generally, I read novels with fewer main characters. Each act began with a page listing scientific aspects of a particular botanical species. This info tied back to themes involving the rainforest’s hidden, healing properties.  

Amazonia held my interest as I read on, particularly when a group of core characters arrived in the Amazon and faced attack upon attack. The rainforest evolved as a setting and a character. It ultimately emerged as a nemesis and hero all in one. If you appreciate unpredictability, you’ll appreciate Amazonia’s smart and suspenseful plot.