La Sandwicherie, Miami

The sandwich shop has seen many incarnations. Even so, La Sandwicherie differentiates itself. Part French cafe; part South Beach sandwich stand; perfect for casual diners; perfect for sophisticated palates. La Sandwicherie offers plenty of healthy indulgence.

I ordered prosciutto on French bread. It contained an array of cool and crisp veggies along with artisanal meat and cheese. Sandwiches come on your choice of bread supplied by a local bakery and are completely customizable as are the salads and smoothies. La Sandwicherie even bottles its own vinaigrette.

I returned another day, opting for salmon on a croissant. That bread was just as delicious but easier to handle and less filling than the bulky baguette. Still, the hefty serving size allowed for leftovers. La Sandwicherie's Miami Sunset smoothie, a refreshing blend of coconut milk, raspberries, orange, papaya and mango topped of my second satisfying meal.