Grand Appetito, Little Italy NYC

The Feast of San Gennaro ends tomorrow. Don't fret though, Little Italy's plethora of gastronomical goodness will still be available. After navigating the crowds and assortment of vendors, I found a near perfect cheesesteak on the festival's route. 

Grand Appetito, an unassuming pizza joint on Grand Street, also sells sandwiches. I opted for onions and provolone only so I could truly compare the cheesesteak to its competition. Peering past the glass partition at the grill, I realized that a combination of cooking technique and quality beef would result in a product that rivaled any of sold at the smoky, crowded street booths.


In addition to an excellent entree, I received engaging service from Alex and his crew and a momentary escape from the rowdiness and blazing sun outside. 

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