Slope's Barbeque, Atlanta

I needed to pig out. It was nearly 6:00 and I'd skipped lunch. My first choice, a pizza place had closed permanently. Seeing that sign on the door made my stomach grumble even more. Then, I remembered Slope's wasn't too far away plus I had a Scoutmob deal.

This joint is unassuming and welcoming. White and red checked plastic clothes drape each table. Autographed photos of celebrities cover paneling near the drink station, but the staff treats even everyday folks like stars.

Atlanta Barbeque

Hush puppies listed as a special piqued my curiosity because the establishment doesn't sell seafood. A girl at the counter, the owner's daughter I assume, answered my questions like a pro. I ordered an assortment of items: ribs, green lima beans, mac and cheese, coleslaw, and those hush puppies. The baked macaroni and cheese was unimpressive: short on cheese and less flavorful than what most home cooks could conjure up.

Luckily Slope's claim to fame lies in barbeque, which is what they do best. Slightly sweet sauce covered my ribs but, frankly, I think the abundance of sauce masked some of their inherent flavor. Clearly, talented cooks handle the smoker and the meat in it with care. The beans and puppies deserve honorable mentions, as does the coleslaw.

I heard the staff talking to other customers who entered as I ate. What impressed me as much as the bbq was the level of interaction and familiarity the staff had with patrons. I suspect that most customers return as much for the genuine customer service as for the food.

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