Figo Pasta, Atlanta

Figo Pasta
I discovered Figo Pasta as a mystery shopper years ago and patronize it now as a regular customer. It’s grown to multiple locations since but hasn’t lost its rustic appeal. At Figo, meals aren’t rushed. Each bite rings of carefully cultivated flavor profiles, transporting diners to Italy.

My enthusiasm for Figo continues to grow. I had a small gathering there for my birthday. I normally go to the Hammond Drive location in Atlanta but have had positive experiences at others. Figo outshines national chain restaurants, especially those serving boxed pasta and masquerading as fine dining.

Spinach Pasta

Figo offers homemade traditional pasta as well as wheat, spinach, gluten-free and paprika.The restaurant serves standbys, like eggplant parmesan, but being able to select your own pasta and sauce combination continues to draw customers. I’m fond of the spinach tagliatelle and the crab ravioli, usually with a cream sauce. As Figo expands its seasonal offerings, I venture more outside of my comfort zone: Think strawberry risotto or bacon cheeseburger ravioli.

Even if its addictive, signature olive oil was the only item for sale Figo would still shame its competition. A coupon calendar sold every December adds to Figo’s value. Part of the proceeds go to charity.

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