GA (Georgia) French Bakery, Duluth

One morning I drove all around the Pleasant Hill Mall area in Duluth searching for a real bakery that sold fresh blueberry muffins. I almost gave up when I happened to notice GA (Georgia) French Bakery. Items in the display all appeared decadent. The blueberry scones and the blueberry bread pudding were sold out, so I chose a fruit tart. Slices of deep red strawberries, vibrant kiwis and mandarin oranges crowned creamy custard atop a golden crust.

GA French Bakery's quality is better than swanky Atlanta-area bakeries I've tried and less expensive. Its offerings include loaves of bread, croissants (sweet and savory), danishes, cookies, cakes, soups and sandwiches. Every pastry I've tried has pleased my palate, offering a twist on the familiar. Clearly, the owner incorporates classic baking techniques. And, in case you're wondering, the owner is from France.