El Titan de Bronze Cigar MFG., Miami

I sought a birthday gift for my dad that he’d enjoy but wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself. Since he had an affinity for cigars and I planned on checking out Little Havana anyway, El Titan de Bronze Cigar Mfg. caught my eye. The shop produces cigars, instead of merely selling them. I knew he’d appreciate the Cuban-style manufacturing, and I wanted to see the factory. One room housed the production area and retail shop. The operation was much smaller than expected.

Earthy scents wafted past me. A group of cheerful cigar rollers sat at tables situated steps away from showcases. They effortlessly created one gem after another. The co-owner, Sandy Cobas, greeted me.  I told her that I caught a bus close to there but still had some walking to do. She allowed me use of the restroom upon request and told me to help myself to cold water in the kitchen. Her warmth extended throughout the ordering process. We chatted a bit about the shop and how I discovered it.

Sandy read the list of my dad’s preferences. She retrieved the Titan Grand Reserve Cameron for me and offered a substitute for the discontinued Belicosco. I told her I wanted to buy him a third type. She then mentioned another cigar they were phasing out and offering at a discount. Sandy thought it would fit my dad’s wish for something small, short and mild. After she packaged my selections, I asked if she was familiar with a restaurant close by. She offered her opinion and suggested I travel by cab then called one for me. My dad enjoyed his cigars; I enjoyed the experience of purchasing them. I still don’t know much about cigars, but I know I’d recommend El Titan de Bronze to any serious aficionado.