Spiced Right Barbeque, Suwannee GA

After watching an episode of United Tastes of America, I sought out finger-licking ribs. Most places I found online were farther than I wanted to drive or closed on Sundays. Spiced Right won my patronage by default.
Pork Ribs

The ribs might've been a fluke, but I won't return to find out. I pretended the parched top layers didn't exist. Futile attempts at gnawing through them left no alternative. I peeled them off but dryness awaited underneath.

If I could judge this establishment solely on customer service, it would rank highly. I left unfulfilled. Some of the fresh-cut fries were undercooked. The brisket verged on being overdone. It was spiced right as were the collards.

Collard greens and friesNo heavy hands prepared those greens. Laced with slightly salty pork, a well-orchestrated symphony of sweetness and acidity enveloped each leaf. Regretfully, the merits of this side dish were not enough to erase all the wrongs I encountered.