Taste Bakery Cafe, Miami Beach

Yelp reviews led me to Taste as an option for breakfast on the go. I arrived via the local bus, which stops right across the street. My tight schedule prevented me from dining in although the atmosphere looked inviting. Inside was clean (including the restroom) and cozy with a variety of seating options. Patio dining was also available. The lemon ginger muffin I wanted was no longer on the menu, but I didn’t leave unsatisfied. While I studied the display case, the staff was helpful and patient. To my surprise, they had a pistachio muffin. This underrated nut is one of my favorites, so I pounce on the opportunity to try dishes featuring it.

Pistachio Muffins
If only I'd discovered this delight before I'd plopped down nearly $7 on a mediocre slice of pistachio cake from a publicized SOBE eatery. Taste’s muffin was moist, full of nuts, and a substantial serving size.

Believe me, I contemplated stopping by again on my way to the airport. Fear of missing my flight kept me from doing so. I regret not ordering two muffins and will definitely return should I visit Miami again. Their menu also features salads, wraps, sandwiches and coffee. Taste is an appropriate name for this eatery. The pistachio muffin was the tastiest bite I had in Miami.

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